My name is Sarah and I’m a private pilot, living in Washington State, USA.
I’ve always been fascinated with aviation and so a few years ago decided to get my license to fly. After a year of flying I decided that I didn’t have enough and I started accumulating cross country hours to build more experience and being able to earn my instrument rating in 2018.

At the same time, this idea came up in my head of eventually owning my own airplane. I spent a lot of time musing over various ideas, such as a Mooney M20, but at the same time I got intrigued by the idea of building my own airplane from a kit as it allows me to get an aircraft that’s actually younger than I am and have avionics that have been designed in this century.

After a lot of research and deliberation, I’ve landed on the Sling TSi, which has great handling and very good fuel economy.

I visited The Airplane Factory in Torrance, CA, got the chance to test fly the TSi and I was hooked, so now it’s time to build my own.

This blog will serve as my build log, documenting the riveting (pun intended) journey of building my own airplane and eventually flying it through the air.

I occasionally have links to various tools I’ve bought and found useful in the progress of my build including links to Amazon and may earn a small referral commission from qualifying purchases.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Paul

    Hi Philip,

    I’m considering building the Sling TSI or Van’s RV-10. Would be great to discuss how you decided on the Sling. You can email or call me (four-1-five-819-zero-668)


  2. Jimmy mangelschots


    How many hours did you used to build the quick build kit ?

    Best regards, jimmy

    1. Philip Rueker Post author

      I’m still in the process of building, so not yet finished.
      The factory estimates that the quickbuild takes somewhere around 600-900 hours of build time, saving about 500 hours if you were to build it from scratch.


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