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As I’m progressing on the build and have to make various decisions around electrical and avionics, I figured that it would be best to have a separate page to document the overall considerations of my electrical system.


My current plan for the panel:

  • On the panel:
    • Primary PFD pilot side – Garmin G3X Touch
    • Backup PFD co-pilot side – Garmin G3X Touch
    • Garmin GMC 507 AutoPilot Control
    • Navigation – Garmin GTN 650 (GPS & VOR/LOC/GS & COMM 1)
    • Backup Avionics – Garmin G5
    • Airmaster Propeller control
  • Remote mounted
    • Audio Panel – Garmin GMA245R
    • Second COMM – Garmin GTR 20
    • Transponder – GTX 45R


I am planning to install both GPS as well as VOR/LOC/GS based Navigation. For that purpose, I am going to use the Rami AV-525 in the Vertical Stabilizer.


  • VOR/LOC/GS – Rami AV-525
  • IFR GPS – Garmin GA35
  • G3X GPS – Garmin G26C
  • Transponder – Rami AV-74? (Have to check whether that one’s compatible with GTX 45R)
  • COM1 (top of Fuselage) – Rami AV-10
  • COM2 (bottom of Fuselage) – Rami AV-17
  • ELT – Artex 345


As of right now, I have the rudder anti-collision light and the landing/taxi lights. I still need to decide on what lights to use for the wing tips.

Lighting Schema 4/20/2019


1 thought on “Avionics & Electrical

  1. Anthony Varga

    I put Orion 650E’s on our Commander and they are fantastic. Can flash independent or be sync’d to other ‘strobes’ on the ship so everything fires at once.


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