Waiting for the kit & making a LED METAR Map

The wait for the arrival of my Sling TSi kit is almost over and if all goes to plan it should be in my garage in the next 7-10 days after it finishes it’s way across the Pacific ocean.

In the meantime, my girlfriend and I were inspired by a post on reddit of someone making a flight conditions map using a sectional chart and some LEDs.

I can visualize my flight instructor shudder every time I refer to a sectional chart as a map, but it’s a lot easier to talk to normal non-pilot people about a map we put up on the wall with lights than calling it a chart.

So here it goes, we made one ourselves of the Puget Sound area and hung it up.

If you’d like to make your own, I’ve written up the detailed instructions here.

METAR Map of the Puget Sound

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